Init Site

A "Hello World!" from my new home on the internet

After several years of neglect, I found the time and will to reboot my personal site.

One of my first major web projects was a CMS that I made accidentally. I was looking for a near free way to input text into a browser and publish it in a "skin" I had designed. That was the start of my original blog in high school. I have been on/off since and often used my blog also as a means to "build" and explore. However, as I've grown up and I have various priorities, I've decided to commit to Webflow so I can focus on writing, exploring side projects, and sharing my interests.

Webflow was the no brainer as I value great aesthetic but don't want the burden of maintaining a static site and going down the rabbit hole of troubleshooting and maintenance. Webflow gives me ample flexibility around design and scratches my itch to build.

While I will be writing on Dynamo's blog, Tradewinds, much of that will be research specific to supply chain and mobility rather than startup building and venture capital.

Stay tuned! 👊🏽💥